SPL Powerlines Plant

At SPL Powerlines, we manage an extensive fleet of specialised rail plant vehicles and provide skilled operators to meet various project requirements. Our versatile fleet can be equipped with a range of attachments tailored to suit our clients' specific needs, enabling them to undertake diverse tasks with ease.

With a nationwide presence, we are committed to surpassing our clients' expectations through exceptional service delivery. SPL Powerlines has undertaken substantial investments in our rail plant vehicles and remains dedicated to ongoing investment to guarantee continued support for our clients' evolving needs. Our experienced Plant Team stands ready to offer guidance and assistance in selecting the optimal vehicles for your project requirements.

In March 2024, SPL Powerlines Chief Financial Officer, Guenter Kielmayer was absolutely delighted to have collected an industry award from SPOTLIGHT Rail Awards for Plant Excellence. This shows the hard work and commitment delivered from all of the teams involved.

Network Rail Route to Gold - Silver Certification

With continual improvement and investment from SPL Powerlines the Plant Division has grown significantly and is extremely proud in achieving Silver Certification from Network Rail PPS.

This award would not be achieved without the hard work and dedication of every member of the Plant Division.

Plant Services

We currently offer the following services within the Plant Division:

  • Plant Operations Scheme Certificate Holder (POS License)
  • OTP Planning
  • Sentinel Lift Plans 
  • Appointed Person Lift Plans (AP)
  • Any Line Open (ALO) Plans
  • Send & Receive Plans
  • Travel Under Live Overhead Planning
  • Full Project Management for POS Operations
  • Supply of On Track Plant & Civils Equipment
  • The Ability to React & Mobilise to Emergency Situations

Service Delivery

Enhancing Site Safety & Operational Performance

SPL Powerlines Plant is always looking at ways to enhance safety on site, with this in mind we have installed additional equipment to all our Plant:

  • Doosan RRV’s fully installed CCTV systems
  • Doosan RRV’s fully installed High Integrity ALO Systems
  • Fully Integrated Communication System in our RRV’s
  • EVO 500kg MEWP Baskets, fully installed CCTV
  • EVO 500kg MEWP installed High Integrity ALO Systems
  • EVO 400kg MEWP Baskets, being upgraded to come with fully installed CCTV
  • EVO 400kg MEWP installed with High Integrity ALO Systems
  • SRS Lorries being fitted with the latest CCTV Systems compliant with FORS
  • ZECK & LRB6 Fully Integrated Communication System. This allows 8 users to be in constant communication. If both machines are working together the system can be linked. This will upgrade the system to 16 users.
  • All HGV now fitted with the latest CCTV Systems compliant with FORS

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint in Plant

SPL Powerlines is always looking at ways to reduce our impact on the environment, this is what we have put in place so far:

  • Investment in New Plant with Environmentally Friendly New Tier Engines
  • Electric Fork Trucks in all our Depots
  • Electric Vehicles & Charging Points
  • Solar Powered Lighting Towers on our Site Compounds
  • Hybrid Generators to Power our Compounds 
  • Biofuels & Oils in our Equipment