Apprenticeship / Trainee Programs

What's involved in our Apprenticeship Programs

SPL Powerlines UK prioritises cultivating a skilled workforce for rail projects through apprenticeship programs. These initiatives not only address skill shortages but also promote diversity and inclusivity within the industry. The rail sector plays a pivotal role in facilitating economic growth, reducing carbon emissions, and enhancing connectivity. However, to continue fulfilling these roles effectively, we must continuously invest in our workforce and embrace emerging technologies and best practices. Apprenticeship schemes not only address current skill shortages but also ensure the industry remains resilient and capable of meeting future demands.

The SPL Powerlines Program consists of:

Trainees Linesperson Program

Extensive/ Intensive 16-week program including modules such as PTS Training, OLEC 1 and 2 Training, DCCR Training, Slinger Training, MEWP Operations, Emergency First Aid and Working at Heights. 

Each person enrolled onto the training program will have access to multiple mentors experienced within the field to assist the trainee through the program. Additionally, a buddy system also allows each trainee to be partnered up with an experienced Linesperson to shadow and provide additional support.

Check-ins throughout the program ensure each trainee is on track and can demonstrate mandatory competencies. After 6 months and completion of assessment, the trainee can progress to the next OLEC level training.

Lauren – Commercial Control Assistant

Lauren has been with the business for 7 years, starting as a receptionist and then moving into a Commercial Control Assistant role for Power and Infrastructure Resourcing. Lauren was then offered the opportunity to undertake an Apprenticeship in Quantity Surveying and has since been doing her apprenticeship alongside her current role.

Laurens current duties include: 

  • Period cost reporting
  • Cost analysis and cost controls
  • Gathering relevant contracts data 
  • Reviewing and mitigating risks 
  • Data analysis

Lauren decided to participate in the chosen apprenticeship due to a range of reasons as she explains “It would help me to expand my knowledge and gain more confidence within my current role and upon completion I’m hoping I have the opportunity to progress into a quantity surveying role or even consider project management. It has been difficult at times managing work, my apprenticeship and personal life, however I have a great support network within SPL Powerlines and P&I. Any questions I have or queries when learning on the job has the full support of my line manager and co-workers. I really enjoy working in the rail sector, it isn’t an industry or role I ever expected for myself and have ended up here by pure chance, and lots of hard work. I would recommend my apprenticeship with SPL Powerlines to others; it unlocks countless opportunities, knowledge and skills and it’s a role that keeps you on your toes”. 

Oliver James - Trainee Quantity Surveyor

Oliver James is a trainee quantity surveyor at SPL Powerlines. He joined the company as an apprentice to gain valuable work experience whilst also working towards his degree in quantity surveying.

He said: “This will put me in a strong position on completion of my studies, as I will have four years’ work experience to my name. I’m enjoying having the ability to apply my knowledge from the workplace into my university studies and vice versa. I believe it gives me an advantage over full-time students working towards similar degrees.

“I would recommend an apprenticeship to anyone. You can earn money, work experience, and a degree all at the same time which will give you all the tools for a career in your chosen area of interest on completion of your studies.”

Cameron Strain - Engineering (Design & Manufacture) Trainee

Cameron Strain chose a graduate apprenticeship programme in engineering (design and manufacture).

He said: “I decided to join the graduate apprenticeship scheme at SPL Powerlines as I was interested in the overhead line systems in the Scottish Railway and with my background in electrical engineering, through completion of my HND, I thought this would be a great next step. Another winning factor is that I am able to attend university to complete a bachelor’s degree with honours, whilst getting hands-on experience in engineering. The work experience is really good, I get to learn about how OLE systems work on site whilst also learning the engineering side of OLE desk based.

“I’ve also gained further learning by gaining my PTS, OLEC 1, and OLEC 2.  I’m very much enjoying the rail sector, the main thing I like about it is how vast it is and with lots of interesting and different disciplines within the sector. I like how much there is to learn, and I would recommend this course to anyone thinking of doing an apprenticeship, especially with SPL Powerlines as it can give you a great opportunity to work in the sector.”