About Us

SPL Powerlines UK Overview

SPL Powerlines UK Limited, headquartered in Coatbridge, Scotland, and with strategic hubs in Glasgow, Doncaster, Leicester, and Derby, is the UK’s leading provider of electrical solutions for rail infrastructure, specialising in Overhead Catenary System (OCS) and High Voltage Traction and Non-Traction Power Supply (HV).​ SPL Powerlines supports businesses, tier one contractors, communities and the public sector by delivering sustainable transportation, infrastructure and energy solutions across the UK.

Since 2009, we have been committed to delivering safe and sustainable rail infrastructure solutions, driving innovation across the industry.​

With a turnover of approximately £169 million in 2022-2023, we offer expertise in design innovation, surveys, engineering, plant provision, isolations, construction, and maintenance services for both mainline and high-speed rail markets.​

Holders of Principal Contractor and Plant Operator Licenses, positioning us as the UK's foremost authority in rail catenary, and power and distribution systems, and build charging infrastructure for the mobility solutions of tomorrow.

Our Expertise

  • OLE Design - High, Medium, Low Speeds
  • Isolations & Planning
  • OLE Installation
  • Testing & Commissioning of OLE Systems
  • Project Management OLE Services
  • Plant Supply
  • Labour Resource

SPL Powerlines UK is a Powerlines Group company.​


Meet The Team

With over thirty years of invaluable experience in the rail sector, our industry leaders bring unparalleled expertise and insight to the group. Their extensive tenure has been marked by a steadfast commitment to innovation, safety, and excellence in railway operations. Their depth of knowledge spans across various facets of the rail sector, including infrastructure development, financial management, growth, acquisitions, safety and regulatory compliance. As visionaries in the field, they continue to drive forward-thinking solutions that propel our company and the industry as a whole towards a sustainable and efficient future in rail infrastructure and transport solutions.

Our Management Team  


Equity, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Signing up to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) is crucial for a rail infrastructure company like SPL Powerlines as it ensures the organisation attracts and retains a diverse talent pool, fostering innovation and growth. A diverse workforce brings varied perspectives and ideas, which are essential for tackling complex challenges in the rail industry. By embracing EDI, SPL promotes a culture of creativity and adaptability. This approach enables the company to stay competitive and resilient in an ever-evolving industry, ultimately leading to improved performance and customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, committing to EDI principles demonstrates SPL's dedication to social responsibility and ethical business practices. This commitment helps build a positive corporate reputation and strengthens relationships with stakeholders, including employees, customers, and the community. An inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and respected increases employee engagement and productivity, reducing turnover and fostering a collaborative work environment. By providing equitable employment and development opportunities, SPL ensures that all colleagues have the chance to thrive, contributing to a more cohesive and effective organisation that reflects the diversity of the society it serves.

Principal Contractor Licence

SPL Powerlines holds a Principal Contractor Licence.

It assures Principal Contractors have appropriate and robust Health & Safety, Quality and the Environment (HSQE) management systems to effectively discharge their duties under the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015. It also provides continued assurance of an organisation’s ongoing suitability to effectively discharge its duties.

See Principal Contractors Licence here.

Member of Railway Industry Association

Joining the Railway Industry Association (RIA) is a strategic advantage for a rail electrification business, offering access to extensive networks and significant national and regional influence. This affiliation enhances SPL Powerlines business's credibility, visibility, and opportunities for collaboration with reputable industry players. The RIA actively champions a dynamic rail sector, representing members' interests at high-level decision-making, leading to beneficial policy and industry standards. With a proven track record of influencing sector decisions, the RIA provides a robust platform for the business to navigate the rail industry and shape its future.

Corporate Member of Permanent Way Institute (PWI)

Joining the PWI as a corporate member positions SPL Powerlines UK at the forefront of rail infrastructure engineering. Since its founding in 1884, the PWI has been a cornerstone of knowledge leadership, working with leading organisations and government bodies to influence industry training, management, and competency standards. As a corporate member, SPL Powerlines are part of a prestigious network with access to a global community of experts, fostering invaluable connections and collaborations. This membership enhances our company reputation and provides the resources and support needed to thrive in the evolving landscape of rail infrastructure engineering.

Member of the Rail Forum


Joining the Rail Forum enhances SPL Powerlines UK relationships with driving change for the transport sector nationally.

The Rail Forum was established in 1993 and is a national industry body with strong regional connections. Based at the heart of one of the largest clusters of rail companies in the world their members span the whole industry from global corporations to micro SMEs, asset owners to manufacturers, digital solutions providers to passenger and freight operators.

An inclusive, not for profit organisation, their member companies are drawn from all parts of the UK.