Social Value

SPL Powerlines is fully committed to achieving a year-on-year increase in social value by creating opportunities that deliver positive social outcomes for all parts of our local communities. Our Sustainability Policy states that Social Value is one of our key Pillars of Sustainability and that we will create social value for communities local to our operations. Our strategic organisational target is to achieve a 5% increase over our 2021 social value baseline by 2025.

Our Social Value Strategy 2023 – 2028 is aligned to the Government Social Value Framework.

Our core social value themes

We are committed to delivering meaningful social value across all our projects, recognising our responsibility to society.

By using this framework we can not only align our decisions with local needs, but also maximise the positive impact we have on people. Our approach to social value management emphasises value creation rather than incurring additional costs.

We’ve outlined five key themes as our primary focus areas, encompassing a total of 42 individual social value performance indicators (SVPIs).

These indicators will steer our policy objective of achieving year-over-year growth in social value. They capture our aspirations to be a sustainable, trusted, and forward-thinking business, underscoring the values and behaviours ingrained in our organisational culture.