Safety Teams Attend Immersive Training Day

In March, SPL POWERLINES UK participated in a TRUST event held in Huddersfield organised by Active Training Team Ltd.

A total of 31 SPL & Power and Infrastructure Resourcing Ltd team members immersed themselves in a day-long session focused on behavioral-based safety (BBS).

The session aimed to deepen the understanding of how workplace incidents unfold and to explore the root causes that could have prevented them. The day featured interactive elements, including live actors and multiple scenarios, all designed to illustrate the factors contributing to a fictional workplace incident resulting in the loss of an individual's life.

With a blend of supervisors, project managers, and site operatives in attendance it provided a great mix of both experience and knowledge during the day for healthy discussions around site #safety.

Feedback from the attending team members was overwhelmingly positive. They appreciated the #immersive nature of the event and found value in dissecting the scenarios presented.

Overall, the event provided an impactful opportunity for the Team members to enhance their safety awareness and understanding of preventative measures. Their positive feedback underscores the effectiveness of the immersive approach in fostering learning and engagement.