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Who we are
The Powerlines Group specialises in the electrification of railway lines and the construction of high voltage transmission lines for energy providers. Powerlines has been a reliable partner for well-known European rail and energy companies as well as for municipal transport service providers for several years. The project business, from a historical point of view the core business of the company, is mainly concentrated in Central and Northern Europe. Powerlines is one of the leading companies on the market, particularly in the German-speaking regions, in the UK and in Scandinavia. Powerlines also develops and distributes components for overhead line systems that are in increasing demand. By installing electrical infrastructure, Powerlines makes a key contribution to ecologically sustainable economic development.

Where we intend to be
The Powerlines Group is already one of Europe’s market leaders in the RAIL sector and aims to enhance this position. Powerlines has set the objective of becoming a leading infrastructure provider for the ENERGY sector in Central and Northern Europe. In the future the Group intends to establish its PRODUCTS division among rail sector customers right across the globe.
The Powerlines Group is developing itself from an engineering and installation specialist for catenary systems to an integrated provider of system solutions. The Group has set itself the goals of being ‘Best-In-Class’ in terms of safety, quality and project management. The three pillars of the Group’s corporate strategy are internationalisation, diversification and professionalisation.

What we can do
Powerlines is a single source supplier, providing everything from consulting, engineering and assembling to the development of components and their delivery, through to maintenance. The Group’s customer-centric and solution-orientated approach, plus its insistence on quality, reliability and punctual service provision, are central points of focus in the many different markets the company serves.
Our highly qualified and specialised employees have vast experience in the construction of overhead line systems and transmission line systems. The Group has over 500 installation technicians specialised in the construction of catenary systems. This is a uniquely large pool of human resources in comparison to the European competition. Our international orientation offers the benefits of an international exchange of know-how to provide for the wide variety of customer requirements in each country and region.

How we work
Due to their macro-economic significance, infrastructural systems have to guarantee a large degree of reliability, operational safety and a long working life. These principles guide our everyday actions. Reliability requires a large degree of customer and solution orientation. Operational safety relies on compliance with the highest safety and quality standards, regardless of how challenging the conditions may be. Durable facilities require a long-term and sustainable business model. Fair competition is an underlying principle of our business activities. We show our competitors due respect, plan our business relations on a long-term basis and see social responsibility, cultural diversity and ethical principles as essential values guiding our business practices.
We expect an entrepreneurial approach to tasks and a strong sense of responsibility from all of our employees. Safety is given utmost priority by the Group - and by all the employees within it.