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For Powerlines, sustainability means securing the future viability of the Group through its business activities. We develop projects with a sustainable service promise for our clients and inspire our customers with innovative solutions. The construction of infrastructure facilities requires reliability, operational safety and a long service life. Powerlines works for sustainable companies. The relevant markets are characterized by high stability and long-term orientation.

Future development is supported by macroeconomic mega trends:

  • The targeted phasing out of fossil fuels will lead to an increase in the degree of electrification in European rail networks.
  • In order to enable the energy transition and to achieve the CO2 goals, the transmission line grids will be expanded.


Mainline transport
  • increase of frequency and shorter travel times (‘Rail instead of road or plane’)
  • more efficient and eco-friendly railway operations (‘Electricity instead of diesel’)

Local Mass Transit (subway and tram)
  • increasing mobility needs in urban areas
  • ecological alternatives to cars and buses

  • expansion of transmission line networks due to increasing energy demands
  • new interconnections due to the increasing importance of renewable energy
  • adjustments to the network infrastructure as a result of changed power generation concepts (phasing out nuclear power)