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The Powerlines Group is one of Europe’s leading providers of assembly, installation and development services for electro-technical systems and infrastructure. We are proud of our ability to secure the provision of ongoing benefits for the industry by working efficiently and thinking entrepreneurially.

In particular, the company’s success is based on the hard work, expertise and skills of our employees. Reliability and integrity are key aspects of everything we do – every day – whether dealing with our customers, working on site or interacting with each other.

In total we have over 1000 employees working in the following fields, right across Europe:

  • Installation/Maintenance/Assembly
  • Consulting/Engineering
  • Product Development/Distribution

Europe-wide growth has enabled the company to embrace cultural diversity and openness. There is a similar degree of diversity in terms of the occupations and tasks to be fulfilled.
We offer the widest possible variety of interesting job descriptions, fascinating opportunities to develop expertise and to exploit fields of personal potential – be it in assembly and installation, project planning or within the office.

Key occupations at Powerlines include:
  • Power transmission / overhead powerline assembly and installation specialists (m/f) » Expert assembly, installation and maintenance provision ensures there’s always energy there to power local mass transit and mainline services.
  • Assembly / installation staff for overhead power line projects (m/f) » The work you invest in overhead power line infrastructure every day is what enables an electric current to travel over large distances to ensure people can rely on a supply of electricity, wherever they are and whenever they require it.
  • Technical project managers (m/f) » A great job for those who love planning projects down to the smallest detail without losing sight of the bigger picture.
  • Commercial project managers (m/f) » It’s never easy to find the perfect balance between cost, quality and time, but that’s the challenge you need to enjoy facing.
  • Experts for rail electrification and overhead power lines - International Consulting & Engineering (m/f) » Power transmission systems and overhead power lines have been our passion for decades. If you already have experience in this field, that’s even better. Let’s work together on the development and implementation of new ideas and technologies for our customers.
  • Construction manager for overhead power line projects (m/f) » When working on overhead power line construction, the supervision of construction activity and management of the site storage depot are just two aspects of a very varied job. If you’re not afraid of managing a wide range of responsibilities, you’ve come to the right company.
  • Planners (m/f) » Work self-dependently and enjoy creating drafts and implementation plans for a large number of new construction sites, rebuilding and adaptation projects.

We are very aware of our responsibility for guaranteeing the consistent and continuous development of our company and employees. The PowerAcademy is a centre of expertise, education and ongoing training, and offers a variety of developmental opportunities. We provide clearly focused seminars and training courses for specific career goals, particularly in assembly and project management, to ensure employees achieve personal development and occupational advancement.

We offer a wide range of entry options and jobs for apprentices, students, graduates and for individuals with prior work experience.
Find yourself a fresh challenge in the Jobportal and come and join our team!