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From now on, your fleet will be refuelling green

The reduction of emission levels in the transport and logistics sector requires a change for an entire industry that offers many opportunities. We provide infrastructural support along the road to low-CO2-emission logistics. This allows you to concentrate on your core business tasks.The customer is at the heart of the work we do within the Powerlines Group. We provide fully-customised solutions for bus and truck depots. We are your partners for all aspects of e-mobility – from concept development, assembly and installation, to servicing your operational charging infrastructure.


Four stages on the way to sustainable mobility

1. Advice & Concept Development

Once you have decided to electrify your vehicle park, we sit down with you to define the initial requirements expected of your depot and charging infrastructure in the future. We point out potential for government subsidisation and help to plan the first steps.
Good concept design is defined by the conditions and requirements of each specific site. Whenever necessary, we inspect a site in person to gain insights into operational procedures, to monitor energy consumption, compile simulations of vehicle usage and factor-in the existing grid service link-up – all in order to determine which charging infrastructure is best suited to your operation and your needs. Discussions are held with your local power distributor to ensure we produce a sustainable, scalable and customer-specific overall concept.


Holistic advice portfolio

Hardware selection

Selection of the best hardware for your project

Energy and load management

We develop an overall concept for the future

On-site energy production

Planning of photovoltaic systems

Adaption of the infrastructure

We plan the implementation in detail

2. Planning

The design concept is used in the planning stage to define the tasks to be implemented, to establish construction and operating costs, and to schedule execution of the plan.
Part of this planning activity involves the establishment cable routing and a site operations plan – including IT hook-up and the timetabling of the necessary construction tasks. 

For us, a good electro-mobility concept involves a careful choice of energy sources, so we are happy to assume the planning work required for photovoltaic solutions and EMS (Energy Management Systems), too.

3. Implementation

In collaboration with our partners we ensure holistic responses in the fields of project management, construction, assembly & installation and operational support.
The Powerlines Group’s efficient and effective project management makes sure sitework progresses rapidly, in tune with your operational procedures, and to your general satisfaction.

Our project manager supervises underground construction, installation and commissioning on site. We ensure you are kept involved in ongoing project work and subsequently, if desired, we conduct training sessions for the use of key components.

Are you planning to electrify multiple operations? You can rely on Powerlines’s decentralised organisational structure to guarantee teams of assembly technicians all over Germany and Austria.

4. Operational Support

Collaboration with a wide range of service providers enables us to provide back-end and operating systems tailored to your application. The back-end system is built to administer control and reporting functionality, and can be set up for involvement in operational procedures. The back-end technology guarantees charging infrastructure operates reliably and controls recharging procedures optimally, while constantly keeping an eye on your grid power consumption, possible renewable energy-source options, the base load and general requirements of your operation – such as departure times.
In addition to annual maintenance work, we can also provide support services for unexpected breakdowns.

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