Reliability in local transport

Powerlines - Your partner for overhead lines in local transport

Modern overhead line systems are part of a city's infrastructure and help to characterise the cityscape in their own way. Technology and reliability often have to be harmonised with historic architecture.

City planners, architects and overhead line planners sit at the same table when new lines have to be designed or existing systems modified or extended.

Powerlines develops components for overhead line systems that adapt to constantly changing conditions. With our newly developed GRP overhead line mast, it will be possible to plan and construct sustainable and CO2-reduced overhead line systems.

Experience you can build on

Powerlines is your reliable partner in the planning and installation of power supply systems for local transport, as overhead lines or 3rd rail. Our team of experts specialises in fast and professional project management on site.

On-time processing

  • It goes without saying that we meet deadlines when completing projects.
  • With specialised assembly vehicles and appropriate tools, we are able to solve the tasks you set us.
  • Assembly work around the clock and work during shutdowns are part of our daily routine.
  • Our knowledge and experience gained from a large number of overhead line projects for a wide range of operators are constantly being channelled into new projects.

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