Health & Safety

Top priority for Powerlines

Safety at Powerlines

60 seconds for your safety

Safety at work has the very highest priority within the Powerlines Group. We feel as obliged towards our employees, as we do towards our internal and external customers, partners and suppliers. That means ‘zero tolerance’ in the field of work safety. Our safety programme “60 SECONDS” concisely sums up this attitude.

Whatever the country, whatever the field of business – for years now our highly qualified safety officers have been working at all of our sites to optimise our systems and procedures; to hold training sessions and conduct inspections, and to inform the management and the employees of all the latest developments and findings.

To ensure that all our employees and business and project partners arrive home safely every day, we have defined a framework and set out the most important rules within the Powerlines Group. The 12 Golden Rules for Health and Safety.

Our 12 Golden Health & Safety Rules

Every employee is clearly committed to these 12 golden rules, comply with them and lives by them without compromise every day and at every work location. No customer requirement or instruction from a superior should cause our employees to disregard any of these safety rules.

Our common goal is to avoid accidents at work and occupational illnesses.

Safety management for us is also all about being constantly prepared to learn and about continuous improvement. In addition to the audits, procedures, checklists, documentation, instructions and rescue exercises already established within the group, it is the task and the obligation of our employees to look after each other – with each other, eliminating sources of danger by concentrating and proceeding in a vigilant manner – and to arrive home safely every day.

60 seconds for your safety

Our 60 SECONDS campaign symbolises our commitment to the development of the safety culture within the Powerlines Group. These 60 seconds of attention to detail are the most important minute of our lives:

  • 60 seconds to check out a situation (also on behalf of colleagues) before the next step is taken
  • 60 seconds to check equipment before starting work
  • 60 seconds that can form the thin line between ‘everything’s fine’ and an accident
  • 60 seconds that are the best investment of time within an entire project
  • 60 seconds to guarantee that when work is over – everyone gets home safely

To remind everyone of the importance of 60 SECONDS at every time and everywhere, the 60 SECONDS logo has been shining on all safety helmets, safety clothing and all our vehicles for around 10 years.

Good to know: Wherever you see 60 SECONDS you can be sure Powerlines is in action.

Professional and certified

In order to be able to meet our high standards in the long term, we are committed, among other things, to operating and continuously developing an integrated management system in accordance with the internationally standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. The Powerlines Group and its subsidiaries are certified in accordance with these standards.