We build future networks for Energy

Our expertise in planning, installation and maintenance of transmission line infrastructure

Safe, secure and reliable energy provision is vital to modern societies. Our services contribute to the reliable supply of modern energy demands.

Powerlines Energy guarantees expertise in the planning, installation and maintenance of transmission line infrastructure. Our portfolio includes services for 110 kV lines through to high voltage systems with a nominal voltage of up to 380 kV. 

As a reliable general contractor, we offer our customers the complete range of project management services. This includes everything from consulting and implementation planning to assembly, installation and servicing. On top of the comprehensive wealth of experience contributed by our site managers, we also provide the benefits of services such as site operations coordination, project coordination and the supervision of subcontractors on site.

Our team is made up of a full range of experienced specialists and our employees can draw on several years of know-how and site-time – in project planning through to installation. Work safety, work quality, work and cost efficiency are all of the utmost priority on our sites.

General contractor for transmission line infrastructure

Powerlines Energy is a general contractor for transmission line infrastructure. The main services provided are:

  • Consulting and advisory services
  • Planning & engineering services
  • Line routing
  • Mast foundation & assembly/installation of transmission masts
  • Assembly & installation
  • Dismantling & removal
  • Site coordination, site management and the coordination of subcontractors on project sites
  • Quality control and work safety regulation compliance inspections
  • System commissioning
  • Maintenance & servicing

Grid operators place strong emphasis on safe, smooth-running operations and on the avoidance of accidents and system failures. We are a service provider our customers can rely on. Special situations often require special solutions. Our teams find the right solution for every problem encountered on site, and our know-how and wealth of experience enable us to guarantee that every project runs smoothly, however common or unusual the project might be.