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For Powerlines, sustainability means to ensure the future viability of the group as well as its business operations. We develop projects with a sustainable and high level of performance quality and impress our clients with innovative solutions.

The construction of infrastructure systems demands reliability, safety and long service lives of the systems. Powerlines’ business partners are predominantly companies that follow economically sustainable principles. Relevant markets are characterized by their high level of stability and long-term orientation.

The future development is supported by macro-economic trends:


Mailine transport
  • increase of frequency and shortening of travel times (‘Rail instead of road or plane’)
  • more efficient and eco-friendly railway operations (‘Electricity instead of diesel’)

Mass Transit (subway and tram)
  • increasing mobility requirements in urban areas
  • ecological alternatives to cars and buses

  • expansion of powerline networks due to increasing energy demands
  • new connecting lines due to increasing importance of renewable energy
  • adaptions of network infrastructures due to changing concepts for power generation (phasing-out nuclear power generation)