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Local Mass Transit

The Powerlines Group is a reliable partner for the design, installation and maintenance of overhead lines and of conductor rails for local mass transit infrastructure. Our team specializes in the fast and professional on site implementation. Powerlines electrifies tram routes, trolley-buses and underground train routes within local mass transit networks.
Overview of our reference projects  
Most of the energy used by trams is drawn from catenary wire systems. The trams are usually driven by a direct current at voltages between 500 and 750 kV. The Powerlines portfolio encompasses single and catenary overhead line systems, ceiling-mounted conductor rails and customised solutions manufactured for complex requirements – as are often needed at large junctions, industrial premises and railway stations.  
In densely built-up areas electrically driven and non-rail-dependant trolleybuses provide a greater degree of flexibility than trams or underground trains. Trolleybuses are also more environmentally friendly than buses. Powerlines is one of the few companies in Europe that plans and implements catenary systems for trolleybuses.  
To ensure optimal power supply for underground train systems Powerlines provides the tried and trusted conductor rail system. The conductor rail system is situated in close proximity to the rails. Although low voltage direct current is commonly used for underground systems, the extra-large rail cross-section used for the conductor rails guarantee reliable power provision. Depending upon the local conditions, the current can be drawn from three different places - below, above or from the side. Mechanical and electrical durability, resistance to corrosion and lack of attrition ensure the rails have a very long working life. Furthermore, consideration is shown to the environment by using reusable components that can later be subjected to single-material recycling.  


The Powerlines Group is the overhead line systems specialist for standard and high-speed mainline rail routes. The group provides A-Z solutions, plans and installs infrastructure for new lines, extensions and expansions, and also modernises and services existing systems with AC and DC power supplies. International experience and flexibility in the selection of assembly teams and vehicle and equipment pools form the basis for successful project implementation. We believe it is our duty to conduct all tasks in compliance with strict quality regulations and work safety standards.
Overview of our reference projects  


The customer is at the heart of the work we do within the Powerlines Group. We provide fully-customised solutions for bus and truck depots. We are your partners for all aspects of e-mobility – from concept development, assembly and installation, to servicing your operational charging infrastructure. read more